FAQs: Coffee Keeper
FAQs: Anything Keeper & Everything Keeper
How does this stay attached to the cabinet?
It comes with military-grade strength tape that you simply peel and push onto any flat surface. It also comes with self-taping screws for those who choose to have extra security.
How long are the screws?
½ inch. They will not penetrate through a standard thickness of a cabinet shelf.
Can it hold vue cups?
Coffee Keeper only holds K-cups.
How does the system stay in the closed position? I am afraid over time it will just hang down and not collapse back up.
Coffee Keeper has powerful magnets that keep it in the closed position.
Are the K-cups placed in holes or are they held in by rails? Just wondering if the back cups slide forward as you take one.
The cups are placed in holes. They do not slide forward.
How many vertical inches do I have to allow for pull-down space?
You need at least 6 inches for pull-down clearance.
When this is closed, do you see any part of the k-cup hanging down?
Just a bit – not really noticeable.
How hard will it be to move the unit once the tape has adhered?
Medium difficulty. The tape will either stay on the cabinet surface or peel off contaminated with cabinet material. The tape will probably have to be replaced. Try a hardware store in your community or online. Be careful not to bend the frame removing the Coffee Keeper.
My new cabinets are 15 inches deep instead of the standard 12 inches. Will this still work?
Yes. You can place this holder anywhere you want under the cabinet.
What is the minimum space needed to hang this up?
If you’re asking about specific dimensions, it is 13 inches wide x 9.5 inches” deep x 1 inch tall.

How is Anything Keeper different from Everything Keeper?
Size. The Everything Keeper will hold a full sheet or stack of 8.5 x 11″ paper. The Anything Keeper is a bit shorter, from left to right, and holds useful items like your phone and a digital tablet. They both have the same depth and height.
What keeps this up? Is it just friction? Can I expect it to open up when bouncing down the road in my camper?
It has powerful magnets on either side of the unit that hold the basket securely closed.
What is the weight capacity for these products?
When the screws are used, each can hold about 5 pounds in the basket.
Will K-cups fit inside these?
If you’re looking for a K-cup holder, check out the Coffee Keeper. This is, by design, the best K-cup holder on the market.
How much depth does the drawer require and how deep is the drop when it is in the lowest position?
It its lowest position, the basket requires about 10 inches clearance.
Do the screws hold the basket to the hinges? I need a much narrower size. Could I remove the screws and attach a different size basket?
The basket is attached with rivets. I suppose you could drill out the rivets and replace them with screws. You would want to use self-locking nuts on the screws because part of what makes the units work is the friction at the pivot points.
How deep is the basket? Will it hold regular size prescription bottles and smaller over-the-counter bottles?
The baskets on both the Anything Keeper and Everything Keeper are 9 inches deep front to back and 1 ¾ inches deep. The Anything Keeper is 10 ¼ inches wide and the Everything Keeper is 12 inches wide. I think either will hold the smaller bottles.
Need an RV charging station. How many normal size cell phones can you fit in these? Can you drill holes for cords or lay cords over the edge when closed?
Depending on the size you can fit anywhere from 4-8 cell phones (especially if you don’t mind stacking them). There is also a hole in the back wall of the basket with a rubber grommet to run a charging cord to a power outlet.
Can this be top mounted? The pictures show screw holes on the side, but the box shows screw holes on the top of the brackets.
Yes. It has strong double stick tape on the top of the brackets and also screw holes. The sides are actually rivet’s. There is no way to actually mount it from the sides.
How do I prepare the surface for mounting?
Wipe the surface with a clean rag so it’s free from dust and dirt. You could also consider wiping the surface with alcohol. In either case, allow time for the surface to dry before pressing the tape onto the surface.
Does this fold up, or just hang there under the cabinet? If it folds up, how?
The basket folds up. The basket is 2″ deep + the thickness of the magnets & steel brackets; so no more than 2.5″.
How far does it hinge down?
It is 1.75 inches deep. It drops both down and forward. In front, it drops 5.5 inches. In the rear, it drops down 3 inches. It comes forward 4 inches.

Our customers rate Coffee Keeper 4.5 out of 5.0! See what they’re saying … just a few of more than a hundred reviews!

July 21, 2017
Verified Purchase

Had to leave one behind when we moved and immediately ordered a replacement for the new house.

Be careful when mounting under cabinet. The mounting tapes provided are extremely sticky and don’t allow any re-positioning once pressed into place, even with light pressure. I first put it too far back under the cabinet such that it wouldn’t fold up all the way. In order to re-position it, I had to use a very strong spatula-like tile tool to pry the tapes loose, partially destroying them in the process, and then re-installing the holder using the pre-drilled holes on the rails and 4 short wood screws. Can’t blame the product for my lack of planning. Had I done it right initially, I wouldn’t have needed tools as the tapes are very strong.

Love the convenience of having the K-cups stored up out of the way and virtually out of sight until needed. The racks that are also available take up way too much counter space. It holds 24 K-cups, an adequate supply.

July 19, 2017
Verified Purchase

We ordered two of these for our coffee/tea station. They are super efficient for keeping our pods organized and out of the way. One tray works perfectly. The other has to be pushed a little harder on one side to stay up, but works well otherwise. The tape that comes with the product is amazingly strong so be sure to get “instillation” right the first time. We moved a couple months after ordering these and brought them along with us because we like it so much. We simply purchased more foam double-sided tape and it’s good to go at our new house. Recommended!

May 28, 2017
Verified Purchase

This has been, easily, one of my top five purchases of the year. The amount of counterspace this saved, the neatness of my kitchen, and just the sheer awesome easiness of use is stellar. I’ve had this up for months, and despite being used multiple times a day, most of the time by someone with a very heavy hand, it stays put without a problem and goes back up without issue. My friends come over and, of all the things I have in my house, they find this to be the coolest little gadget. I intend to buy a few more for some friends for their birthdays and Christmas this year.

January 7, 2014
Verified purchase

Been trying to find out for months what kind of holder my son wants to go w/their setup. Looked at several. Now it’s my turn & the second I saw this, I knew it was the answer for me. The drawers that go under the systems are too high, 3″ usually. With this, no problem. Nothing to get in the way or clutter the counter. Goes up easy-peasy. Stick it up & screw in, tiny little screws aren’t going to do much, just a little more security. Had to shake my head as I put it up–black frame, silver rivets & brown screws–really?? Simple operation, sturdy enough, be gentle & should last a long time. Read reviews where others said wasn’t tight enough or sagged. Twist a little thread around the rivet between the frame where it needs to be tighter, just might make it a little better, couldn’t hurt. If you have room, get the XL size to hold more. My space is just a little too small for that one.

January 15, 2018
Verified Purchase

Very cool gadget! I have very limited room on my countertops in my kitchen and I like a variety of coffee. This thing serves that purpose perfectly! You can only see the bottom of the k cups when glancing that way, most don’t even know they’re there. It opens far enough that you can easily see the first 3 rows but since I’m 6’4”, I have to bend to see the back row. One of the coolest items I have purchased lately!

August 7, 2017
Verified Purchase

My husband and I love this product. So simple but makes the kitchen so much more organized. We used to keep our Kcups in a cupboard but had to make room for baby bottles and baby dishes and need a different solution. We have a very small kitchen in a rental and this was so easy to install and we feel good that we can easily remove when we move without damage.

February 15, 2017
Verified Purchase

This coffee pod holder is awesome! It fits all brands. I buy the Costco keurig coffee pods and they fit perfectly. This also folds up very discreetly under the cabinet. You would have to bend over to see it. It very nice and unobtrusive. It installs easily with the adhesive but comes with screws. My husband did use both since we live in a very humid climate. The hinge is smooth and easy to grasp. Make sure you install it in the correct direction.

November 11, 2016
Verified Purchase

I wanted to be able to keep my coffee out next to my coffee maker but not have clutter all over my kitchen counters — this thing solved my issues! It attached VERY easily underneath my upper cabinets and is practically invisible to anyone that doesn’t know its there.

It attaches with the adhesive double sided tape that comes with it and it holds on pretty solid. Also, it comes with 4 small screws that you can use instead or with the tape. I chose to use the screws just for an ease of mind or maybe that I just may pull it too hard and pull it off.. Works wonderful. Get it! I want another one!

January 25, 2018
Verified Purchase

I love his coffee keeper!! You can see it a little when is closed but this particular shelf’s bottom is way more shallow than the rest of my cabinets. Anywhere else in my kitchen you wouldn’t have been able to see it. Do your self a favor and just buy it!! But use the screws!!!

January 29, 2018
Verified Purchase

This is a great way to help unclutter your countertops. The cups are pretty much hidden from the view of anybody of average height. I did not use the screws and am relying on the tape alone. My under cabinet lights make the cups look great when the shelf is down.

Our customers rate Anything Keeper 4.6 out of 5.0! See what they’re saying … just a few of more than a hundred reviews!

March 31, 2018
Verified Purchase

I just happen to see this. so, I looked at it further. I bought one now I want more. this is great. its very sturdy and well made, and they are right you only have one chance to put it on. the double sided tape is strong. I put it under one of my desk. I thought at first my knees would get in the way but it doesn’t bother me at all. I’m getting another one for the other side of the desk. I’m going to put my reading glasses in one and my pens, pencils, in the other. that frees up my desk a lot. the key to this is that it pulls down and forward, so you can get to your stuff but it doesn’t interfere with the lip of the desk. I’ve seen some that just pull straight out and if you have a lip on your desk you can’t use those kind. but this is different and its made of steel, which is so nice. I thought the price was reasonable too. I would buy a lot of these if I had more room. haha Hopefully the tape does stay strong for a long time. I do plan on putting in the screws however.

August 4, 2017
Verified Purchase

I ordered this to store my kitchen scale out of sight, but always accessible, and it is PERFECT! It is in plain view but, being being under a cabinet, and being black, it is not obtrusive at all. The way it drops down and forward is ideal for grabbing the scale, weighing my food, and replacing it with a minimum of extra motions. I am ordering another one today because I just realized it would also be a great addition to my desk.

November 9, 2017
Verified Purchase

Man these little holders are sweet as can be. Mount them with already attached mounting double sided tape, or just drill them into your location with also the included screws. Nice little magnets hold the baskets closed when in their raised position. And in their raised position they take up hardly any space are nearly unnoticeable. It’s rare that such a small item can cause friends and family who visit to be wowed with the convenience, simplicity, stealth, and great utility of these Anything Keepers. I bought one – attached it and immediately was impressed enough to order another on that same day for further use. I can now stash away and hide all those things that are usually scattered on my shelf-less desk. I specifically wanted a shelf-less desk so that I would have more under desk leg room and such.. But with these beauties I get the best of both worlds!

And to add the cheery on top? Customer support was top notch and answered my questions and handled my concerns with ease, professionalism with a touch of down to earth. When emailing support, it was more a friendly email exchange. Like an old bud you respect.

Anyways there is what I think of the product. And more will probably think the same down the road.

January 27, 2018
Verified Purchase

This is great for clearing out the junk drawer. We have these in our kitchen. Our cabinets have a bottom skirt of wood so this disappears when shut.

August 28, 2018
Verified Purchase

Got all the little cluttery things off the counters and now my black granite looks awesome. Plus, we always know where our wallets, money, watches, etc. are….

April 9, 2018
Verfiied Purchase

We attached this to the bottom of our cabinet in our kitchen. We love it! It has all the room we need for our charging cable and pup meds. I used the double sided tape as well as the screws provided. It was easy to install and it’s very sturdy. I recommend this to anyone needing extra storage in their kitchen. Thinking about getting another one.

September 11, 2017
Verified Purchase

Extremely useful for my RV use. Use one for coffee pods and the other for remotes in a Travato RV van. Out of the way but reachable. Will most likely buy a couple more for my home. Easy to install and nice short wood screws are included.

June 27, 2017
Verified Purchase

Amazing product. I put up with the provided tape and it has held strong. We use it mostly as a phone charging station but intend on also using it as a recipe holder when cooking.

Had to buy a second one for my mother after she saw it.

May 21, 2018
Verified Purchase

Love this item, we put it in our camper above the bed. Fits things like a TV remote, cell phone, personal protective devise, etc. Easy to access, closes out of the way. Would definitely recommend this item.

SO PROUD TO SHOW THEM OFF ! October 11, 2017
Verified Purchase

OH my Gosh – these are amazing. I’m so proud to show them off hiding in my black cabinet. They work GREAT.


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