ANYTHING KEEPER – Kitchen Storage, RV/Boat Space Saver, Desk Organizer


  • ORGANIZE AND STORE ANYTHING – Anything Keeper allows you to keep your house organized by allowing you to store things and keep them out of the way. Inside dimensions are 10.25″ wide and 9″ deep and the walls of the compartment are 2″ high. Outside/mounting dimensions are 11″x 10″x 2.5″.
  • CLEAN TOOL FREE ASSEMBLY – Anything Keeper is lightweight, yet durable with commercial grade steel construction. Pre-installed mounting adhesive allowing you to unbox, pick a location, quickly install, and begin keeping like you’ve never kept before! Optional mounting screws provide a truly permanent hold.
  • HIDDEN OUT OF SIGHT – Anything Keeper’s “Touch & Go” design allows you to effortlessly store all of your things and hide them away until you are ready to use them.
  • DESIGNED TO MATCH CONVENIENCE WITH LASTING FUNCTION – Anything Keeper is the result of our passion to provide meaningful innovations for those of us with exceedingly busy everyday lifestyles. We begin with self-awareness, then validate our observations externally – with hobbyists, modern makers, artists/designers, home improvement aficionados … the list goes on.
  • TRUE FREEDOM FROM CLUTTER – It seems like we acquire more items each and every day – yet what everyone wants is to simplify and de-clutter their modern lives. So fight fire with fire! Anything Keeper balances your needs with your lifestyle!
  • PERFECT FOR RV’s – We’ve sold tens of thousands of Anything Keepers, many of them to RV and boat owners who tell us the convenience and easy of use it provides for storage in tight spaces is unmatched!
  • STURDY CONSTRUCTION – Anything Keeper is made to last, built with powder-coated steel and a robust, patented four-bar construction.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you are not satisfied.
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Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 3 in